Friday, November 6, 2009

Topless And Bottomless Pictures If There Was A Place Where No One Knew You Would You Go Bottomless Or Topless?

If there was a place where no one knew you would you go bottomless or topless? - topless and bottomless pictures

I had a place in the city. I refer to an exotic place like Greece. I would try, but it's where I knew no one.


nudie chick said...

This is an interesting question because it indicates how many people out would be nice to nudity in public (on the beach, etc.), if she kept it from someone they knew to be seen. It is really about the question of how many people believe that nudity is acceptable and comfortable for them, but they are afraid that others do not share their faith. It is probably true in many cases.

I started the nudist beach, when I 17 years old) was 4 years ago and the first time I went with a group of friends (boys and girls. The anticipation of being naked in front of friends was there, but if it's really naked on the big thing. Since that day I've been naked on the beaches (no bathing suits more for the girls!) And I loved it every time ... several times with friends and (sometimes alone with strangers, even if it) easy to make friends in a nudist beach.

Conclusion: If you've heard of others who are nothing if you meet someone you know. Last summer I met a teacherRS was a class for the spring semester last year. He was naked, and clothed, and it was embarrassing for him!

Go ahead ... You will love it!

Bare hugs ...

shooterg... said...

Why not? Some people are so stuck in the nakedness of their ridicule.

acid tongue said...

SF Baker Beach

Rhonda said...

These places do not exist. Nudist beaches, for example. I've never done before, but.

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